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What are Tune-Up-Definitions?

The body of ongoing research knowledge maintained by iolo Labs is translated into a regularly updated database of Tune-up Definitions that System Mechanic uses as a blueprint to identify and resolve new problems and performance issues.

Tune-up Definitions, the semi-weekly research updates automatically incorporated into System Mechanic, contain up-to-the-minute intelligence from iolo Labs on a variety of performance-tuning components. Currently, the Tune-up Definitions Database comprises five categories:

Program Information Database.
A database maintained by iolo Labs with comprehensive information on tens of thousands of program files. Allows System Mechanic to analyze, classify, and describe each program installed on your PC, display information on how it impacts system performance and reliability, and offer built-in remedies to correct any negative effects on system performance.

Program Redundancy Database.
A database maintained by iolo Labs with knowledge about which program functions can conflict and impact performance when multiple programs are installed.

Registry Reliability & Problems.
A knowledgebase maintained by iolo Labs of known registry problems, conflicts, and safe remedies, all designed to ensure your PC registry’s integrity is safely maintained.

Security Vulnerabilities.
A database maintained by iolo Labs with complete knowledge of both past and newly discovered system settings that can put your PC at risk.

Junk Files Database.
A database maintained by iolo Labs that is constantly updated with all the newly discovered junk file types.

Many of System Mechanic’s tools depend on the information contained within updated Tune-up Definitions in order to operate correctly and reliably.  Therefore, access to certain features and functions within System Mechanic require that the product’s associated service or maintenance period be in good standing.  Read more.