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No SSD Accelerator Detection

If you are certain you have a SSD installed but it is not being detected by SSD Accelerator, you may be experiencing one of the following issues:

Your drive does not support optimization
Though uncommon, some SSDs have firmware that is not compatible with the optimization technology used by the SSD Accelerator.

Solution: Updating your SSD’s firmware can result in the drive becoming compatible.

Windows does not recognize your drive as a SSD
If your drive is not properly recognized as a SSD by Windows, then it will not be detected by SSD Accelerator.

Example: An improper interaction between Windows and some SATA controllers can result in SSDs being incorrectly listed as SCSI drives within the device manager.

Solution: Resolving the issue causing the SSD to be improperly listed within Windows can also result in the drive being detected by SSD Accelerator.

You are using Windows 8 or higher
Windows 8 and above have their own methods and tools for optimizing SSD drives to ensure their peak performance. As such iolo’s SSD optimizer tool in System Mechanic is not available to computers running Windows 8 or higher. Please view the following Microsoft article: