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Inserting a new key

If you just purchased a new activation key for System Mechanic and want to activate, you can follow below instructions.

  • Please open System Mechanic on your desktop
  • Click on “help” in the upper right corner
  • Choose ” about System Mechanic” in the menu
  • Now you choose “insert a new activation key”
  • Fill in your email address
  • Close the window again
  • After restarting System Mechanic your license will be activated and renewed.

NOTE: Make sure you insert this new key on the expriy date to be sure you don’t loose any days on your running license.

If you want to know the exact date of expiry please do the following.

On the “Start” page of System Mechanic please click “license status”. The software will then redirect you to the iolo technologies website where the expiry date will be shown. After this you can exit again.